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#85 Sustaject 250 (Sustanon), 250 mg/ml, 10 ml

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Sustaject 250 (Sustanon), 250 mg/ml, 10 ml
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You want to know how to gain or put on weight? Intake of anabolics in combination with muscle loading and high diet is one of the ways to do it. Such anabolics include anabolic steroids (Metandienone and Retabolil are most famous of them), androgenic steroids or testosterone preparations (many of you know Sustanon; preparations that contain testosterone are also often referred to the group of “anabolic steroids” because many pharmaceutical companies tend to ignore the difference between “androgenic steroids” and “anabolic steroids”), Growth Hormone (the latter will give a great additional effect of fat burning, which completely depends on the diet and dosage of the Growth Hormone).

The key difference of our products from the products of other suppliers is the quality. In our shop, you will never buy low-quality anabolic steroids or other preparations because all the products go through the strictest pre-sale quality control. As for the harm, much talked-of, made by preparations of this kind and our products in general, we assure you that the quality of our preparations is admittedly superior to that of any previously known preparations like Retabolil, Sustanon, Metandienone (in our internet-shop you can check the availability and buy steroids). Secondly, speculative harm made by steroids is much and widely exaggerated by press media. In fact, let it lie on their conscience. In reality, we often come across a situation that a professional sportsman, a regular taker of immense amounts of anabolics (steroids, testosterone preparations, Growth Hormone), has much stronger health than an average man who drinks alcohol and smokes from time to time. It’s up to you to decide!

Finally, here is a brief instruction for those who want to change their body-build this or that side.

1) How to gain weight, how to put on weight by building up muscles mainly?
Training sessions: intensive anaerobic training sessions.
Diet: high-energy and high-protein diet. If you want to gain weight only by muscle mass, it is desirable to limit consumption of sugars; if you want to put on weight and admit some fat increase, sugar consumption may be almost unlimited.
Additives: anabolic steroids, Growth Hormone. To gain and put on weight within the shortest possible time, consult us on optimal dosages of our products.

2) How to work off excess weight and become lean?
Training sessions: anaerobic training sessions (if you want to slightly build up your muscle mass at the same time, combine aerobic and anaerobic training sessions).
Diet: high-protein diet, limited consumption of fasts and carbohydrates (almost total exclusion of sugars). Calories brought in with food should be slightly less than calories spent.
Additives: Growth Hormone (if you want to slightly build up your muscle mass at the same time, it is reasonable to combine the Growth Hormone with other anabolics that do not retain water in the body).